Assessor File Download is an online tool created by the Assessor to access assessment information. The user can choose assessment information from the available tables after reading and agreeing to the Disclaimer, then downloading, and unzipping the file.


By making this request for property assessment information, the requestor, by clicking the AGREE button below, and in consideration of the information provided hereby agrees to the following terms and conditions. "Natrona County" as used below means; Natrona County, its elected and appointed officials, employees, agents and volunteers. By requesting property assessment information and clicking the AGREE button below, the Requestor represents and warrants that they have the authority to properly bind themselves and any entity they represent to the terms and conditions herein.

Requestor understands and agrees Natrona County assumes no responsibility or liability for errors, omissions or incomplete data. Natrona County shall, under no circumstances, be liable for any incidental, indirect or special consequential damages including but not limited to loss of use, revenues, profits or savings to requestor or any entities or individuals who receive the information requested herein through or as a result of the actions of requestor.

Natrona County does not waive its Governmental/Sovereign Immunity, as provided by any applicable law including W.S. § 1-39-101 et seq., by providing the information requested herein. Further, Natrona County fully retains all immunities and defenses provided by law with regard to any action, whether in tort, contract or any other theory of law, based on actions and information provided pursuant to this request.

Neither Natrona County nor Requestor intends to create in any other individual or entity the status of third party beneficiary, and this request shall not be construed so as to create such status. The rights, duties and obligations contained herein shall operate only between the parties to this request, and shall inure solely to the benefit of the parties to this request.

This request represents the entire and integrated agreement and understanding between the parties to the request for property assessment information and supersedes all prior negotiations, statements, representations and agreements whether written or oral.

The parties mutually understand and agree this request shall be governed by and interpreted pursuant to the laws of the State of Wyoming. If any dispute arises between the parties from or concerning this Agreement or the subject matter hereof, any suit or proceeding at law or in equity shall be brought in the District Court of the State of Wyoming, Seventh Judicial District, sitting at Casper, Wyoming. The foregoing provisions of this paragraph are agreed by the parties to be a material inducement for execution of this request. This provision is not intended, nor shall it be construed, to waive Natrona County’s governmental immunity. Further, it is the express intent of the parties the provisions of this request are fully severable.

To the fullest extent permitted by law, the requestor agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Natrona County from any and all liability for injuries, damages, claims, penalties, actions, demands or expenses arising from or in connection with this request.